Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

We just came back from a relaxing and fun week down south at the beach and I was settling back into the daily routine when my husband, Priyan, came back from walking the dog, Tyson, and asked me how I was feeling. I thought for a minute and realised how I was feeling in limbo.…

Training While You’re Trying

It can be confusing to know what to do about diet and exercise when you are trying to conceive or have experienced recurrent miscarriage. When you are trying to conceive (TTC), it is an ideal time to prepare your body to be strong and healthy for the demands of pregnancy and motherhood. Pregnancy places extra…

Losing your identity after becoming a mother

I loved becoming a new mother. I was all consumed by the newborn, the new skills, the new mum friends asking advice and keeping each other sane during the sleep deprived days.  Life literally revolved around motherhood 24/7 for months – no – years.  But as the novelty of the role of new mother wore…

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