About Me

Hi, I’m Jen. I have a son called Raphael and a fur-baby called Tyson. I’ve been based in Sri Lanka since we visited my husband’s family for the holidays in December 2019 and got ’stuck’ here in paradise due to the pandemic and still haven’t been back home to London yet!

We probably won’t leave until we have mastered surfing – judging from the pic below – I have a few years at least!

I coach women because it’s always been my passion to help people . I left a job as a corporate ethics adviser to pursue a career in fitness to be able to help people feel strong, healthy and confident.

I really enjoy connecting with women about their journey to pregnancy, pregnancy itself and being a mother… and all that comes with that (like naps – or lack thereof! …and other parenting challenges and fun stuff too …it turns out that I might have been a great kids party planner in another life!)

Here’s a ‘spotlight’ feature about me by Girls Gone Strong…


Let’s work together.

What People Say

I had very little training experience and Jen has a way of making me feel very comfortable and capable. I always leave sessions feeling a buzz of accomplishment.

Grace, Mother of 2, London.

I’ve really enjoyed the [online] sessions and absolutely benefitted from them. I’m so aware of my posture walking and focussed on breathing and holding. I manage exercises on and off throughout the day. That’s life with tiny ones though isn’t it? You seem to be forever on the ground.

Georgie, Mother of 2, Auckland

I loved my group training sessions! It was an amazing way to meet other mums who I am still close to today supporting each-other in all the challenges of motherhood. I don’t know how I would have survived without them and Jen supporting me!

Laura, Mother of 1, London