Connecting the breath in Cat/Cow

I’ve been working with mums to align the breath with movement particularly when activating the core, to strengthen the connection between the pelvic floor, lower back and abdominals. 
Here’s how to to align the breath in the Cat/Cow exercise:

In table top position, with toes tucked under, place your hands under your shoulders, place your knees and feet hip distance apart, press your hands into the ground and imagine you are lifting your knees away from the ground.

INHALE: soften the belly and let it relax out. Keep your shoulders away from your ears as you pull your chest forward and up. Lift the head to look forwards.

EXHALE: Use the exhale to initiate the contraction, squeezing the pelvic floor muscles and start to bring the navel towards the back of the spine, keep curling the pelvis to round your lower back. Allow the movement to continue doming the whole back as you push the floor away and allow the head to drop, forcing all of the air out with a deep contraction of the abdominal muscles.

5-10 rounds at the start of a workout or even just to start the day with a little movement and breathing.

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